Sample Education Essays on Development of a curriculum plan

I hope that whoever will write the lesson plan will be a science or biology teacher, because he will teach the correct way to write a plan of 3 lessons related to each other, provided that one of these lessons is a practical lesson to be achieved, and the other two lessons are theoretical lessons, knowing that the learning outcomes are at the level of High and measurable from Bloom’s pyramid of no more than 3 sheets of study plan pages by form.
I hope to apply the evaluation model accurately
The fourth sheet has been attached to the worksheet template, and I hope it will be written
For the third part of the reflection assignment, a form is attached showing the method of writing, provided that the number of references does not exceed 3
I hope the plagiarism rate doesn’t exceed 5%.
I hope when writing a plan for 3 lessons, the gradation in planning from the easiest to the most difficult, and from superficial learning to deep learning, because the content of this course talks about that.

2 templates will be sent, one for the lesson plan and the other for the practical tool. There is information for the purpose of this tool, but the author can attach it with a file

A complete unit will be sent, but I hope to choose a section that we can work on. I prefer the cellular transport lesson, and the practical lesson is osmosis
A link will be attached to the file because the file is large. Please download the file within 3 days from a website before it expires

Please adhere to the number of words and also please note that each session is 45 minutes long