Sample Education Essays on Adult Education

This course is about introduction to Adult Education. Please follow the instruction carefully:) I have uploaded a sample paper for you to refer. Thank you so much!

Course: Introduction to Adult Education


Core Concepts Commentary Paper

Specifications. The initial assignment will be to offer a personal opening commentary on the topics we have explored thus far in regards to adult education as well as other connections you would like to make (i.e., ideas about pedagogy, research, international contexts, environmentalism, etc., etc.) as you currently understand them. Please do not worry about reading ahead to complete this assignment; instead, this is a sort of “temperature taking” of your ideas, perspectives, questions, and desires in our work thus far. In this assignment, you must clearly and directly answer each of the following questions (you can use the questions as subheadings in your submission but this is not required):

  • How do you understand your own past and present experiences of adult education as a learner, practitioner, and/or emerging scholar?
  • How do you understand the value, challenges, and potential of adult education in the lives of other people in your community/communities and elsewhere?
  • How are you starting to think about applying the connections we’re making in this class so far in terms of your future work as an adult learner, a practitioner in adult education contexts, and/or as an emerging scholar?


This assignment will be submitted as a traditional paper on Week/Module 5 of the course. The paper must be 4-5 pages, plus a separate title page. Please keep in mind that it must be clear that you are responding to the three questions listed above; you may structure the paper using each question as a subheading for your paper.


Grading: 1) clarity and insight demonstrated in your answer to each of the three questions; 2) quality of the presentation (e.g. organization, copy-editing); 3) attentiveness to the stated requirements of the assignment including formatting, subheadings, and so on.






Textbook for this class (may be useful for you to understand the course)

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in Canada: Advancing a Critical Legacy. (2021). Thompson