Sample Economics Paper on Supply Chain Assessment

Hello I have a supply chain assessment I will provide you the rubric and instructions file, the sample of the assessment also 2 links you willing need to gather the information
1. You need to consider all the countries ( 6 countries is the minimum my brand has 8 write them down )
2. Add the timeliness to the chart it is missing in the sample you will find it in the fm global link
3. When you will right the maximum , minimum nubs add an explanation of what they are such as what they mean and to which country
Also I’ll provide you with the brand name to find the map in the link

Supply chains are global, parts touch many countries for any number of reasons: production, storage, transport and distribution.  For this assessment you will identify each country your supply chain is involved with.  You will then us the 2022 FM Global Resilience Index ( to quantify (rate) the risk that country represents in the four factors that make up the risk to the supply chain. This is already linked in the Moodle page.

This will be accompanied by an approximately 1000 word (+/- 10%) explanation of your findings that includes:

  • Introduction
  • Biggest Country Risk and why
  • Least Country Risk and Why
  • Biggest Individual Risk Factor and Why
  • Least Individual Risk Factor and Why
  • You will then add up the individual Supply Chain Scores and divide to give an overall Geographic Risk Score for your Supply Chain.
  • Identify overall largest and smallest risk factors for the supply chain as a whole.