Sample Economics Paper on Microeconomic Analysis :Competitiveness among Cell Phone Service Providers in Canada

Word count: around 3000 words (2700-3000), double-spaced: around 13-15 pages.

The Canadian mobile phone market is dominated by three major telecom companies: Rogers Communications, Bell Canada, and Telus Communications, along with two smaller providers: Shaw Communications (Freedom Mobile) and Quebecor Inc. (Vidéotron).

INTRODUCTION (approximately 3 pages)
a) Rationale, goals, & a brief summary of other sections
b) The overall discussion and goals of this paper, the data that will be analyzed, and a brief summary of the other sections.

METHODOLOGY (approximately 3 pages)
a) Selection of concepts/theories/models and data
b) Explanation of the chosen concepts/theories/models, why they were chosen, and what data will be used to validate them.

ANALYSIS (approximately 7 pages)
a) Theoretical predictions and empirical validation
b) This section will make up the majority of the paper and will not rely on other analyses. Instead, original analysis will be used to explore the topic.

CONCLUSIONS (approximately 1 page)
a) Achievements, shortcomings, and implications
b) This section will address the goals outlined in the introduction, any limitations or shortcomings of the project, and the most interesting results found in the paper.

Spelling and grammar will account for 20% of the grade, organization and presentation will also account for 20%, and the remaining 60% will be based on the application of models/theories and analysis.

Analytical perspectives: market, structure, various forms of competition, investment and construction.

Established in 2013 to increase competition and protect consumers.


Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, which is a trade organization that represents wireless service providers and manufacturers of wireless devices in Canada.

Rogers and Shaw Communications Merger and acquisition case.



Other datas: