Sample Economics Paper on international finance

Find a recent (January 2023-April 2023) international finance related article in the media
(the Economist, Globe and Mail, National Post, New York Times, etc.), and attempt to
explain parts or all of it using the tools we learned in class. Highlight the sentences that
you analyze, and hand in the article along with your work. Use written and graphical
explanations. (approximately 3 double spaced pages; 20 marks)
2. Using a figure show that under full employment, a temporary monetary expansion can
increase output, but a permanent monetary expansion cannot affect output in the long run.
(approximately 2 double spaced pages; 10 marks)
3. Full (100 percent) Exchange Rate Pass through implies that there is no J-Curve”.
Determine whether this statement is True, False, or Uncertain. (approximately 2 double
spaced pages; 10 marks)
4. Why is it difficult to regulate International Banks? (approximately 2 double spaced
pages; 10 marks)