Sample Economics Paper on Immigration in America

Immigration in America

Immigration has had several economic benefits for the United States considering the fact that America is a country of immigrants. Immigrants pay tax and carry out several investment programs that have been a major contributor to the robust economy experienced in the United States. Despite all this, the immigration policy is in tatters and is in urgent need of overhaul to conform to the current dynamics. It is a fact that the United States borders are safer and secure than they have ever been but there is urgent need for reforms to address the increasing undocumented immigrants that live and work within the United States.

Data has shown that the numbers of illegal immigrants deported has tremendously increased from one hundred and eighty nine (189) in 2001 to a hundred and thirty eight (438) in 2013 and upward increase in 2014 and 2015. There is need for congress to use its powers to create a special immigration court, which shall have more credibility and efficiency to litigate matters immigration only. The overhaul of the national immigration law should be done by congress so as to address immigration issues efficiently.

Survey conducted also seems to favor that that the United States addresses the huge influx of minors and especially the unaccompanied. The congress is the only organ of the United States together with the assistance of the president can fix the chaotic and broken immigration laws as they are now. The Obama administration has been criticized for not doing enough to address the issues on immigration, frequent border incursions experienced from there secure borders, and that explains the very huge numbers of undocumented immigrant deportations carried out every year.