Sample Economics Paper on Digital Transformation and Economic Sustainability of the Healthcare Sector

I need your assistance to make 2 questionnaires for the survey of the title paper. The audience of these surveys are 1- The healthcare practitioners and administration and 2- Public/Patients
Kindly write a small paragraph for the introduction of the topic and the need of the survey.
This will be a close-ended (Likert Scale) questionnaire.
I have attached the categories and their variables and given space for the questions that you shall be adding. For example the first category is ‘Healthcare system and its factor is care delivery, so you shall formulate one question for this. Then similarly in the same category there are other factors and you shall construct the question for them. Further, the categories change and factors change.
The last category is ‘Private Investment in Healthcare’ promoting digitalization, here I need you to add five factors and construct one question for each factor. Below the table I have mentioned in a short paragraph about what I think regarding this last category.
Both questionnaires shall have all the 7 categories and 5 questions each. As discussed before, each questionnaire shall consume around 550 words
I have also added the diagram of the research model, just as supplementary file, in case you want to see.