Sample Economics Paper on challenges of Vision 2030

The assignment will be about applying what you were told in class to your own life and the challenges of
Vision 2030.
Administrative particulars
 . Note that the assignments delivered past
deadline will automatically get score 0.
 You should deliver your assignment via Blackboard.
 This is an individual take-home assignment. You can discuss in groups, but the assignment must be
your own work.
 Please use the font size at least 11. As of the rest – style, number of pages, etc. – it is completely up
to you. I do not evaluate your assignment based on the literary criteria or number of pages.
 Please deliver only one file. Preferably, send a pdf file.
 List all the sources you have used while writing your assignment.
 Make sure your answers are clear, complete, and correct. Be as specific as possible. Provide
explanations and arguments. Do not leave anything for a reader’s interpretation or guessing. Try and
make it short.
Exercise 1 (40 points)
This exercise is about applying some of the concepts in class on Sustainable Development Indicators in
Saudi Arabia.
A (20 points). Pick 3 pairs of indicators among the actual indicators used in the Saudi Arabian SDGs. Argue
how there is a tradeoff within that pair, ie how improving one of the indicators will almost surely lead to
reductions in the other indicator of that pair.