Sample Economics Article Review on ‘Of Men and Mayhem’

Of Men and Mayhem

The article on ‘Of Men and Mayhem’ endeavors to offer a critical evaluation on the factors that motivate people to embrace terrorism and other forms of violence. Similarly, the article offers coherent suggestions on the best practices that can mitigate violence, terrorism, and other forms of libel fighting. Appraising critical factors such as polygamy, youth bulge, and unemployment is of significance towards understanding the sources of violence in today’s society.

Material factors play a crucial role in fostering a culture of violence, which present a clear standpoint in which young people join terrorist groups such as Boko Haram and the Islamic State. Many young men cannot find jobs to support marriage that the society perceives to be a vital social system engagement. Accordingly, the said young men decide to join terrorist groups purposefully to gain small money, clothes, and food.

On top of that, the youth bulge experienced in the recent time is a major source of worry since most people who participate in fighting in wars or violent crimes are young men. Statistics from research conducted on insurgencies and civil wars across the world in a period between 1950 and 2000, shows that youth bulge was accountable for crimes conducted, which was more prevalent in developing countries in comparison to rich countries. Nonetheless, some studies indicate that there is no direct correlation between violence and unemployment rather jobs depict a case of identity and status.

The systems, which produce more single men, are most likely to be chaotic. Evidence proves that polygamy enhances higher incidences of rape, murder, theft, sexual slavery, social disruption, prostitution, and kidnapping of females. Conversely, in offering solutions on terrorism, many organizations have shown the intention of offering practical solutions. For instance, American University of Nigeria is educating young men on how to turn away from violence within Nigeria. Similarly, imams who used to radicalize youths have started teaching job skills and preaching peace. Additionally, some non-profit organizations such as Action on Armed Violence offer packages of counseling, business funds and training such that men could spend more time engaging in profitable work than illicit work.