Sample Economics Analysis Paper of Rwanda’s geography, strengths weaknesses, threats, and economic capabilities

Geographically Rwanda is land locked country. Located in east Africa boarder Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south and Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. Due to hilly landscape the country primary dependent mostly on agriculture. The high elevates makes climate temperate thus involved since lied near the equator. Rwanda basically have lake Kivu which provide both water for human and industrial use.

Rwanda strength is basically how it provide business environment since it has been transforming, as indicated by high ranking on international business indicator. For example, being ranked 32nd globally and 2nd in Sub Saharan Africa. Rapid change in technological has ease Rwanda ways of transforming from agricultural to more depend on information and industrialization. Government policy to educate and provide free primary school education thus could easily allow transformation of different young generations of Rwanda. Through the government policies each person believes in what is refers to equality, so daily activity for the ruling patriot was to fight against corruption, thus enabling it to be a conducive environment for foreign investors.

Weaknesses of Rwanda was due to ethnic differences. The ruling minority Tutsi could only face discrimination being the elite groups in Rwandan society. Culturally the Hutus believing that they should have the royal privilege while the Tutsi could not allow it to happen. Aid   dependence   is the only way that Rwandan facilitated their budget through   donor. Due to its location being a landlocked country thus enable it to   mainly depend on agricultural activities. The conflict between the Rwandan and Democratic republic of Congo provides harsh environment for both two countries to persuade business. Due to that poor relationship those Rwandans living in the Democratic republic of Congo find it difficult to assess their homes in Rwanda thus worsen the relationships of these two countries.

Threats on Rwanda are both terrorism and cyber security. Kigali located on the center of Rwanda is not prone to terrorism attack as other country. Also Rwanda being a one religion country basically reduces both terror and religious attack. Cyber security is basically due to its technological advancement. As more of the young minds venture into the current technological and information as a way of acquiring a living. Working toward manufacturing based economy leaves Rwanda with only an option of getting more loans from international monetary bodies such as the World Bank to facilitate their budget. This foreign loans brings a country under restriction on resources exploitation.

Rwanda economic capabilities are largely expressed through many ways; Government was always in front to make Rwanda prosper and corruption free zone, thus compared it as the Singapore of Africa.  Rapid population growth rate provided cheap labor force to the rapid industrialization. Agriculture could easily be undertaken due to hilly landscape. Densely populated Rwanda depends on other country economically such the east Africa community. Forming this trade union. government initiative to reduce poverty from   57% in 2000 to 45% in 2010. Transforming from a farming to technological initiated. Tourism promote economy by foreign exchange to the country. Security issues favor both locally and international tourists. Being a land locked country this facilitate good relationship among different trade block.

I recommend that first the government should focus majorly in improving their means of extracting natural resources. Using modern technology farming could be easier and thus lead to high per capita income to the country to facilitate their daily budget. Secondly the fight against corruption should be tighten so as harsh punishment, may follow and enable the offenders to act as example. Also the law on corruption should not allow corrupt government official access the public assets once involve in misuse of office.  Also tightened fight for good environment through banning of substances such as plastic bags that do not corrode. Inventing more in education such as venturing in secondary school education so that the different society should be transformed to better generation. Provision of resources that together facilitate such as create campaign of student learning more of engineering, so as to compute in the job market worldwide. Through science and innovation communal problem could be easily solved within the shortest time possible. Marketing their locally produced goods in international market leaves them with ability of creating more job opportunities and earn more foreign exchange. Allowing devolution in all government project thus improving individual living standard of its locals.

In conclusion through educating different generation, they should transform every young individual. Focusing on security different measures should be kept in place to ensure that Rwanda is free from all kind of insecurity. Due to these tourist and foreign investors will be willing to invest in the country so to create job opportunities. Focusing on mainly creativity will provide a way of encountering both food security and good health care.



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