Sample Ecology Paper on Overhunting of Animals

Sample Ecology Paper on Overhunting of Animals

Hunting can be described as a practice that involves trapping or killing of animals. Over hunting defines an extended extreme of this practice which now includes many animals. Overhunting of animals is done for various purposes which include finding food, trade, recreation or to get rid of predators that threaten human life. Many people involve themselves in this practice ignoring the fact that it has extreme repercussions to the environment. They do not care if the environment is affected or not. All they care about is the benefits they obtain from hunting of animals.

Overhunting of animals significantly affects our environment negatively. It is a problem that cannot be ignored when it comes to the destruction of the environment. For instance, over hunting reduces the population of that particular species of animal and this places more pressure on the environment considering its great disruption of the interdependence of animals for survival (Turtenwald, para 3). It affects plants and trees as well since it does away with natural predation as well as population growth of animals. Also, overhunting of animals causes hunters to pollute the environment as they drive along the forests to look for animals to capture. They end up littering around and their cars producing smoke that is harmful to wildlife. When animals feed on the litter around, they may choke, and this affects their environment. Overhunting also causes tree distinction, and this reduces its availability for other animals to feed on (Dybas, para 4)

In conclusion, overhunting of animals is a problem that poses a danger to both wildlife and the environment. Hunters engage in this practice ignoring the fact that they cause adverse environmental implications. Therefore, it is highly advised that this practice is reduced or stopped so as to conserve the environment and save wildlife.



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