Sample Discussion Paper on aspects of Don Antonio’s character

Don Antonio’s character

Discussion 1

There are many aspects of Don Antonio’s character some of which are good and others are bad. One of the bad aspects of Antonio is his harsh nature which makes him a threat to people who comes in contact with him. However, some of the good nature of Antonio is his ability to protect people around him. In the midst of the storm or harsh situation he becomes relevant by protecting those he loves. Gonzales communicates these aspects by using Antonio as an image to elaborate more about his good and bad characters. Her description is relevant to folklore because the artifact that she uses is unique in genre and type. It therefore helps in meeting the goal of Gonzales which shows the variations in the character of Antonio. Folklore is like a myth or a particular belief which is related to specific group or activity and the artifact perfectly hides the mystery behind the character Antonio which is to be unveiled by the readers.

Discussion 2  

Events and people can reflect cultures. For instance, in “The Country” the people and events conducted by the Mexican and Anglo people reflects their culture. Some of the weaknesses of using people in the folktales to reflect their respective culture is that sometimes people tend to pretend. It means that they may not be a true reflection of culture rather conforms to it because of what the society has created.  On the other hand, the strength of using people to reflect culture is that they are a true picture of what is happening in the society. Someone does not have to look far to identify what they believe in because the people perfectly reflects it through the ways in which they behave. For instance, the image in the text is a true reflection of life in country side where life is green and simple. There are no vocabularies to describe it but someone can simply look at it and interpret the environment.