Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Sexism


The “bystander” approach is a paradigm shift that aims at clamping down on acts of gender violence. The goal of the approach is aimed at encouraging people who not are directly involved in perpetrating acts of violence to interrupt such acts on the spot and throughout their community to break the cycle of enactment of such acts. The ‘bystanders,’ in this case, are individuals who are indirectly involved in the act. That is, they are neither perpetrators nor victims. Rather, they are individuals who live in a society or operate in an environment where they witness such acts of violence being perpetrated by others. The ‘bystander’ approach is aimed at creating a culture where such acts of violence and discrimination are shunned upon because they are illegal, unacceptable, and wrong. These individuals are held accountable for their actions as members of the society speak and stand up against such negative behaviors within any setting (Katz, 2012). The approach is aimed at creating an environment that disapproves of such behaviors and alienate individuals who perpetuate such acts to ensure that they lose their social status within the society because of their acts.

I witnessed the demonstration of the ‘bystander’ approach during my time as a member of my school’s football team. One of the team members had the unfortunate tendency of making derogatory comments about female students whenever they passed us by. The comments were primarily aimed at the female students who had turned down his advances. One day, the team members stood up against him and reported his unbecoming behaviors to the team coach. He was suspended from the school team despite being our best player on the pitch because of the ‘peer culture’ we created in team (Katz, 2012). He lost what Katz (2012) termed as ‘social status’ in our community.



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