Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Racial Inequality

Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Racial Inequality


Ethnic inequality has been a problem in the world for decades. It has affected the performance of ethnic minority groups across the globe. In the article “Ethnic minorities face ‘entrenched’ racial inequality-watchdog,” authored by BBC News, the authors connected the present racial inequality being experienced in Britain to Brexit. The article is interesting because it evaluates some of the impacts of Brexit. According to the article, there is a possibility that the level of ethnicity in Britain is likely to escalate. The minority groups in the country are more likely to experience crime and racial discrimination. However, this is an issue of concern for the entire ethnic minority group residing in Britain because they are more likely to continue experiencing discrimination in sectors such as healthcare and education.



BBC News has highlighted the issue of ethnicity by explaining how this is still a problem in Britain. It is unfortunate that an issue such as Brexit can trigger the dark moment in history when the minority ethnic groups are discriminated because of their skin color. However, if the inequality escalates or is not stopped, the Blacks in Britain are more likely to experience a crisis because they are already undermined in the education and health sectors. The revelation made by the Equality and Human Rights Commission regarding Black graduates being underpaid compared to the Whites in Britain is alarming (BBC 1). Similarly, racism is experienced at the workplace, the criminal justice system, and the housing sector.


Race should not be an issue in the current world. It is worrying that some ethnic groups are still excluded in a nation because of their color. Ethnicity and racism are issues that should be discouraged and condemned. A country such as Britain should be at the forefront promoting equality instead of discrimination. The prevalence of unfairness and ethnic inequality in the country would cause a division among the citizens. However, it is surprising for a nation such as Britain, which has achieved significant progress in unifying its citizenry, to encourage racial inequality. The growth and unity attained by the country are at risk because of Brexit. For instance, the division will end up affecting the economy of the nation. It is high time that the country holds talks with the international trade community for the good of entrepreneurship in the country. It is the only way in which sufficient progress can be achieved that would lead to ethnic inclusion amidst Brexit which has been associated with racism.


It is saddening that there is unfairness in the nation towards the ethnic minority in regards to education, employment, housing, and health. A nation such as Britain that has several ethnic minorities that take part in economic development should not encourage such acts. Consequently, it appears that Britain is moving backward in regards to combating ethnic issues. By encouraging racial inequality, the British government is showing the world that there are specific communities that are less important than others. They are also promoting the fact that Britain is not a nation that is united.


I have learned that ethnic inequality is a problem that continues to affect some communities in the world. For instance, issues such as racial inequality threaten the unity that has developed because of racial inclusion. Every individual should ensure that the world is united because issues of race and ethnicity endanger peaceful existence among different communities. An issue such as Brexit should not be the foundation of another history in Britain where there is a division among ethnic minority groups and the whites. In my view, the only way in which the nation can move forward in regards to development is by promoting and encouraging multiculturalism.



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