Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Race and Culture

Race is a social construct that stratifies human beings into groups on account of their physical attributes such as skin tone, ancestry, genetics, common language, and intra-group relations (Sutton & Anderson, 2013).On the contrary, culture refers to the ideas, customs, and social behaviors of a particular group of people or society. Race and culture share a similar connotation in that they are both classifications of people. However, the two differ in the reason for the classification. Race is stratified according to physical appearances such as skin color and common language while culture is based on values and beliefs seen in one’s self-expression and spirituality. To this extent, it is fair to say that an individual’s race can be determined by looking at him/her while the culture will take socializing with the individual to tell. Sometimes, an individual can belong to the same race and culture while at others this may not be the case.



Work Cited

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