Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Intercultural Experience

Intercultural Experience

I attended a lecture on culture of African Americans living in the United States. I was accompanied by one of my classmates to this lecture where diverse cultures come into play. The coming from a different cultural background, it was difficult to merge with the new culture. I contributed to the lecture by asking questions. This was seen as an attempt to demystify the myths and stereotypes going round the community about the white’s behavior towards the blacks. My attempts to be comfortable in the midst of African American seemed not to bear fruits when the lecturer concentrated on the cultural aspects and discrimination endeavors in the United States. This meant that the community had negative attitude towards the whites living in America. Therefore, my perspective on the issues of discrimination was different from theirs. I was not successful in my attempt to cope up with the diverse culture an action that contributed to the loss of concentration. My friend also could not concentrate as the participants condemned the white for their actions to discriminate against the blacks.

There were differences and similarities between my perception and the views of my colleague who accompanied me to the lecture. The essay will deal with each item at a time. First, the differences occurred in regards to cultural believes where the black population stresses on equal treatment from the government by rendering specialized services. One example of the things that came out of the debate is that the black population should be given more slots in government jobs than other communities to bring equality. Contrary, I expected that all individuals in the state should be subjected to equal opportunities based on competition. Candidates would be selected for employment based on their academic qualification. This would lead to a crisis in the social set up where some ethnic groups feel marginalized by the state. Thus, I could not buy in this idea. Second, the cultural diversity has been applied negatively to bring social differences. This is seen through actions such as social disorders that emerge during political campaigns. Thus, diversity should be allowed within certain limits upon which regulation should come in. some of the similarities observed includes having laws that promote cultural diversity and discouraging discrimination towards immigrants. This call for combined efforts from diverse sources such as the state and lobby groups championing for equalization of social groups. In regards to diversity promotion, the government has the sole responsibility to protect and facilitates cultural practices. This insinuates that all cultures will be treated in equal measure to enhance democracy. The end result would be cohesion between members in the social grouping. The country will also benefit from a unionized community which is productive. In situations where the different communities develop some conservative ideals against other groups then the country is deemed to experience community stifles. These stifles slows the rate of economic growth as well as development. This is because a lot of time is spent in creating peace between parties involved in the struggle.

The general behavior of the Africans in the lecture hall was characterized by emotional statements and hate speeches against the whites. This made me uncomfortable and unable to follow up the lecture. I therefore felt isolated in this debate because it every speaker pointed out the negative things about the white community. I felt that I was in the wrong place and could not hold it anymore. Thus, I left the lecture room before the lesson was over due to culminating angers that occupied my minds. I found the endeavor unsuccessful but I had an opportunity to learn a lot about cultural diversity between members in the community. I may consider the experience as negative because speakers were biased towards one side of the debate. This meant that the minority group had little or nothing to contribute to the development of the debate. Thus, it alienated the whites who are part of the debate because it touches on them and their way of life.  At the start, the lecture would not take sides until when the idea of discrimination emerged. At this point, I become self-conscious an action that raised my fear level. Thus, I constantly looked for an escape strategy that would help me avoid confrontations with other participants. I was shocked to hear that the African culture encourages peace amongst individuals despite coming from different regions. This was the most exciting moment because it offered me new perspective about cultural believes and customs. Most cultures hold life in highest esteem and value the bondage between citizens. This facilitates peace and stability in a country that is essential for the social cohesion.

In conclusion, cultural diversity is concerned with the issues that come into play where two or more cultures exist. The differences that are prevalent may facilitate or inhibit peace. However, components in each culture are coupled with inherent advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, all cultures have their positive and negative sides.