Sample Cultural Studies Paper on How does color be associated with different social categories

The Midterm Paper is a critical reading of a digital historical and cultural visualization project. You should choose a project directly related to your interests for your own final project. The analysis should describe the project goals and methods, critique its use of digital media forms within the context of similar projects and related work, and articulate the strengths and weaknesses of the approach chosen. The goal of the paper is to provide a detailed analysis of the project in question, and to lay the groundwork for your own or other possible future projects.

Prompt of final project:
How does color be associated with different social categories? How does the association vary among different cultures? How does the variations related to historic events/ social movement? ( you’re more than welcome to suggest other possible prompt to specify the prompt)

Kids at a very young age are likely to draw sky in blue, grass in green, and sun in yellow without being taught by others intentionally. Some people with Synesthesia are likely to perceive letters/numbers as inherently colored. Besides, in our life, we tend to unintentionally associate colors with objects, emotions, sounds, temperatures, numbers, religions and even politics. For example, red always represents passion and high temperature; green represents energy and vegetation; black represents mystery. This association also varies among different cultures. In China, red always relates to politics and revolution. The regime initially established by the Chinese Communist Party was called the “Red Regime,” the earliest armed forces were called the “Red Army,” and the national flag was called the “Five-starred Red Flag.” When it comes to money, in China, red represents fortune and success. Red is widely used during the Chinese New Year Festival. In the Western culture, red is less likely to be associated with politics. However, it sometimes is connected to anger, anxiety and violence, like the phrase “ see red” and “a red battle.” Different from its connection to success and fortune in China, red in the western culture tend to be associated with losing money, like “red balance.”

Please choose one of the projects(related to color and my final project proposal) from the following website to analyze in the midterm paper:

Other material you could mention in the writing:
Jing Chen and Lik Hang Tsui, “Debating and Developing Digital Humanities in China: New or Old?” Global Debates in the Digital Humanities (2022), 71-86.