Sample Cultural Analysis Paper on Faces of Addiction

Faces of Addiction is a graphical image that communicates the physical consequences of drug addiction on the human body. As highlighted in this image, there are different faces of addiction that communicates different messages. For instance, there is a female addict whose feminist body structure has withered away despite being younger than she seems. Similarly, Faces of Addiction displays mental incapacitation among drug addicts of different age groups. This is to note that the images condemn the use of drugs as addiction could lead to a poor lifestyle as evidenced in the images.

Let them Eat Crack is an image with a picture of a rat walking majestically carrying a sack of bag with cash. Interestingly, the rat seems to be covered under an umbrella which communicates different messages to the intended audience. Crack – in ordinary terms – refers to cocaine which is categorized under illegal drugs in the United States. Apparently, the image shows the side of drug peddlers who encourage addicts to continue using cocaine. In return, he/she enjoys the economic benefits of their addiction which transforms their lifestyles to high social status in the society.

It is important to draw a vital relationship between Faces of Addiction and Let them Eat Crack as they fall within the same cultural context of drugs and addiction. The former illustrates the dire consequences of drug addiction by using disturbing captions in form of images. Let them Eat Crack, on the other hand, shows the lifestyle and intention of drug peddlers who supply hard substance to users. Both creators have been objective in segmenting the audience using the economic aspect – buying and selling – of drugs.