Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Probation Services Officer


A judge will usually order a PSI report when dealing with a crime pertaining felony. The probation /pretrial officer usually conducts the PSI report and the logistics involved in gathering the information to be used in a court of law. The officer should interrogate the defendant and then work with other personnel. The information in the PSI include employment records, health, family, education, and any other criminal records. Indeed the fate of a defendant almost solely depends on the probation department. The probation officers play the role of gathering vital information to be used during the sentencing by the prosecutors and judges, and therefore the defendants are required to provide accurate information during this process. The pretrial officers are vital in the field of law as they play a significant role in the courts.

Even though some attorneys may waive the PSI, a PSI on many occasions takes about 2 to 4 weeks to be done appropriately. This basically relies on the fact that the defendants have a right to be convicted after 30 or less days of any guilty plea. The PSI interviews and complete processes are mostly conducted by a probation/pretrial officer from the probation department. In addition, the defense attorney and the defendant are usually available at the federal level. The probation officer is normally assigned the role of sourcing information from the defendant, and should always be able to solely verify the information gathered through the third parties and other independent businesses (“What is a pre-sentence investigation? Banks & Brower,” 2018). The officer then sends the complete report to the concerned parties who are; the court, defense attorney and the prosecutor. However, the information in the report is subjected to objections from the parties. That is, if some of the information in the report is deemed to be incorrect. Also, objections to guidelines are considered. At the sentencing level, the parties again have a chance to object the contents of the PSI. The data in the PSI is subjected to review in a court of law before sentencing a defendant in accordance to the statutory limits (“What is a pre-sentence investigation? Banks & Brower,” 2018). The information in the PSI together with the arguments, and evidence tabled will help in crafting a fitting sentence.

The ability of convicted criminals to assimilate again in the society is mainly determined by the probation officers who have a role to play in ensuring this happens effectively. The officer meets with the defendant often to monitor the progress and general behavior changes (“What is a pre-sentence investigation? Banks & Brower,” 2018). The probation job is worth it and it has several advantages attached to it. First, job security, crimes remain to be a part and parcel of us despite every single measure put by the government, and organizations concerned. This really necessitates the availability of probation officers. Secondly, value. Probation officers play significant roles to the society. During the meetings with the offenders, the officers help these individuals in looking for work and resources. The pretrial officers also assist the offenders in achieving the obligations of the court. Rehabilitating the offenders helps in reducing criminal activities in the society at large. Lastly, fringe benefits (“Probation officer benefits,” n.d.). The government rewards the officers handsomely as a result. This is done through union contracts.


The roles played by the probation officers and the probation department in our government is very essential and worth it. From obtaining the information concerning an offender to submitting the final information to the respective parties is not an easy task. Helping offenders assimilate back in the community is one of the commendable tasks usually accomplished by the officers. The PSI should be accurate and complete as any incorrect or biased information will negatively impact the sentencing process.



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