Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Math Autobiography

Math Autobiography


During my high school days, I did not like Math and used to perform poorly. This was resolved by having a tutor. There are various aspects of criminal justice that entail the use of basic math, and EdReady is very helpful in preparing for college Math.

Part A

My experience with math is not exactly a good one. I have done Math in college and did both pre-algebra and algebra in high school. I was having difficulties understanding Math concepts. My parents noticed this and got me a tutor to assist with Math. This marked a turn-around for the better in terms of my performance in math (WeUseMath, 2010). My family was concerned about my performance in math, as I was better in other subjects compared to math, yet they wanted me to be good in all the subjects. As for my friends, I used to feel that most of them were smarter than me, as they seemed to understand math better than me before I got a tutor (WeUseMath, 2010). I presently feel confident about my math skills thanks to the extra lessons I received from my tutor, which has made me continue performing better than I used to in the past.

Part B

The career path I have chosen is in criminal justice, and Math is still important in this job. One of the ways in which mathematics is important is the mental challenge that it gives a person. This enables them to develop strong critical thinking skills. I have the intention to take college Math in my major, in order to continue keeping my mind sharp. Basic knowledge in Math helps in reconciliating the figures given by a theft victim after a crime has taken place. In the recovery of stolen money, Math knowledge helps in tracing the spending trends of the probable suspects and in the process, determine the ones that committed. Math does not only apply in my career, but also in my daily life. I get to use it to measure food portions when cooking and eating and also in the measurement of the volume of medicine consumed when I get ill.

Part C

I found EdReady very helpful in preparing for college math. It helped in reminding me of the basics that were learned in high school, and gave a soft introduction to college math (EdReady, 2017). I only regret that I did not use EdReady to replace some of the college math classes that I have had to take. This is because I could have saved money if I did that. The site is optimized for any user, as it is easy to navigate and search for the item that the user is interested in (EdReady, 2017). The testimonies given by the leaders and learners at the home page were refreshing and encourages me to make use of the site to prepare for college math.


In conclusion, math was challenging for me in the beginning, and this was solved by having a tutor assigned to me by my parents. From then on, Math became easy for me, and it has been smooth-sailing. I have realized that math has applications in both my career and personal life. EdReady has been instrumental in preparing me for college Math.




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