Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Gun control

Gun control refers to every legal effort directed towards restricting for possession or use of firearms. Mostly, the developed countries have a strict and uncontroversial gun control policy, but others have a contentious gun control policy. The United States gun control issue raises one of the most heated and passionate debate in the world (Boylan et al., 2013). In the United States of America owning guns is constitutionally protected in the Second Amendment of the constitution, but murders committed by firearms is widespread. People who advocate for increased gun control suggests that more restriction on possession and use of guns will help save lives, but on the other hand, the opponents insist that this will implicate the citizens ability to protect themselves against gangsters.

The Gun Control act of 1968 directs that all citizens must be 18 years and above to buy shotguns, rifles or ammunition but one can only purchase all the other firearms if he/she is 21 years or above. People involuntarily committed to mental institutions, fugitives, or people deemed as a danger to the society are not allowed to purchase guns. While purchasing firearms, buyers are required to fill background forms which facilitate in conducting background checks. In some states carrying handguns requires permits, but in some states, one needs no permit.

Although the restrictions on possession and selling of firearms are clear, the issue about the transfer is a bit controversial. In a transfer, the provider of a gun is not required to have a Firearm Federal License; this means that not every buyer is subjected to a background check. According to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and explosives, anybody selling firearms from their homes, online, at a flea market or a gun show provided is not a regular business activity or anyone giving a gun as a gift does not require a license. This ambiguity in what is commonly known as the “gun-show loophole” explains the reason why some purchases can occur without a background check, and this contributes significantly to the large number of guns that lands in the wrong hands.

In conclusion, the United States of America have extensively tried to find a solution to the gun control controversy. The gun control is somehow effective but more needs to be done to address some loopholes on the issue. There is a need for more amendments on the case of gun transfer to make sure that there is enough background check done on anyone who receives or buys a firearm.




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