Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Effects of police or racial profiling on social stability in the United States

Social stability no doubt the biggest casualty of police or racial profiling, as the tally of deaths attributed to police brutality continue to mount, it not only tear to the very fabric of societal tolerance, the economic and also political well-being of the United States is also put at stake. Stability is not achieved in political order alone but also in good social and economic atmospheres.

Civil Rights have criminalized racial discrimination in all public spaces but it is still practiced every day and sadly even in the corridors of justice. Proponents of racial profiling might argue that it facilitates law enforcement, however, it has instilled profound lack of confidence in the criminal justice system. Law enforcement officers should always base their actions on evidence rather than racial bias and prejudices.

It is no secret the biggest victims of racial profiling have been people of color, its result has devastated the peaceful co-existence pitting communities against each other and also against law enforcers. People belonging to minority groups feel alienated and insecure in their own country making civil unrest and demonstrations that often turn violent the order of the day.

Racial profiling also fuel crime rates in the less targeted racial groups as they might feel that they can easily get away as suspicion of wrong doing is generally low on them. Community policing plays a major role in crime reduction but a community that feels racially targeted will feel less inclined to report crime thus further aggravating it.

The economic effects of racial profiling cannot be under stated, productivity of every single person can be fully utilized if the working environment is leveled, equal job opportunities and fair hiring. Social stability is the core of any country’s developmental and also political stability and it should be promoted from the top all the way down to the ordinary American.