Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Change Influencers

Joseph Grenny covers behavior change and influence. Grenny highlights the process of renouncing undesirable behavior and adopting appropriate traits. Additionally, he points out the best practices to impact the environment and society. It is a natural to desire to change and live in a world without injustice. People are inclined to believe that altering the world involves the adoption of sophisticated technology, advancing business, and industrial production. However, Grenny disregards efforts towards changing the world through technology and finance while ignoring the need for behavior change.

The speaker brings to light the role of influence in the course of altering behavior. Grenny’s position is that behavioral change requires the alteration of undesirable conducts. He opines that the capacity to change the world depends on the ability to transform behavior. If adopted globally, even the subtle deviations in manners have the potential to trigger behavioral adjustment. Nevertheless, to change behavior, influencers must first identify the problems, the sources of influence, and motivational factors before planning commitments towards altering adverse trends. The greatest hindrances to behavioral change include the lack of skills and capacity, manipulation by the environment, external influences, and the structural liabilities in the surrounding.

Grenny provides useful insights to change drivers and influencers of behavior. He reveals the challenges that derail or hinder successful behavioral change. He also describes the strategies that change proponents must adapt to inspire change and positive behavior in the society. Grenny alludes that the world always pushes people to change their behavior to become better versions of themselves. From Grenny’s talks, I have learned that the main problem that deters influence trends is living in a quick-fix world that seeks silver bullet solutions to complex problems.