Sample Criminal Justice Essays on Women and Crime

  1. Women in prison suffer many problems and thus there is the need for the criminal justice system to intervene to curb these obstacles. One of the major challenges faced by women in prison is the power imbalance between them and the guards which in most cases entail the use of physical force or indirect force, for instance, denying women the basic requirements. Women in prison are also sexually harassed in efforts to access favors, for instance, adequate food. Women in prison also suffer humiliation and powerlessness and they do not have access to effective reproductive healthcare. Women are also shackled during pregnancy which may trigger complications during childbirth, for instance, a reduced heart rate for the baby. Lastly, women suffer discrimination based on their race, sexual orientation, and gender.

The criminal justice system should thus implement strategies that address these obstacles faced by women to ensure that they are treated fairly and that their stay in prison is not characterized by sufferings. Some of these strategies would be to avail medical attention to women, to arrest and charge the guards that sexually harass them, to curb discrimination and to ensure women in prions have platforms to air their grievances.

  1. Male and female offenders should be treated differently and there exist many reasons for this. Women vastly differ with men and prison is more challenging to them, for instance, the health issues as a result of separation from their kids vary with those for men. Normally, when a father is jailed, it is the mother that takes care of the child but the reverse is not always effective. Women in prison should also be treated differently as they are less harmful compared to men and their offenses in most cases relate to mental health issues and poverty.