Sample Course Admission Cover Letter to Webster University Nursing School

Re: Admission to Nursing Anesthesia Program

I am writing this letter to express my great interest in applying to your honorable school for the nursing anesthesia program. I have worked in the intensive care unit (ICU) clinic of the SSM St. Clare for several years, which has equipped me with various skills for providing high-quality services to patients in this area. As a skilled critical care nurse, I am confident the course will be essential to my career. I believe that my passion, interest, and skills in the field of nursing match the requirements of your school. My desire to support patients and their significant others is a clear description of how my advancement in the nursing program will be of help to those who need it.

I have also excelled in various nursing positions that I have been holding for the past 20 years. This is a clear indication of my discipline and determination to help in improving the quality of healthcare services offered to patients. My long stays in the nursing field working for various health organizations in different positions have driven me to join this institution. In my previous training programs, I have learned about geriatrics and pediatrics. I would like to enhance my knowledge on how to serve these groups of people more effectively in the future.  Hence, I will be grateful for your kind consideration. I look forward to being part of your school this coming academic year.


Yours Sincerely,





Admission Essay to the Nursing Anesthesia Program

I share a common vision with Webster University Nursing School of working to discover the limits of the natural world. I need advanced education to quencher my prolonged desire to pursue the nursing anesthesia program from the institution. I am also very good at calculus, physics, and biochemistry which are essential in anesthesia study. I took these courses at St. Louis community college, and I scored an A in all of them. My background in these subjects will give me an upper hand in the anesthesia class. For example, I have already encountered some of the concepts I expect to cover in this course in biochemistry.

My first time participating in a lengthy research experiment during my days as a student at the Kunming Engineer College introduced me to the health sciences. I am glad that I got an opportunity to taste knowledge from this field, which I believed would never be a part of my life. At the college, I was crowned top after finishing in the first position during the machinery design and calculus engineering competition, which made me feel more eager to have engagements with health scientists. Successful learning and understanding the complex engineering processes, such as electromagnetic optics and induction, enabled me to solve many grails of engineering. This success encouraged me to vindicate my desire and love for other health sciences other than physical sciences, which I believed were the only sciences that my mind could grasp. After several years of studies and engagements in health sciences, I discovered that my desire for health sciences was permanent and was a path to great future opportunities. It emanated from the vast knowledge I would acquire after pursuing several nursing programs, including the course I intend to pursue at Webster Nursing School. This paradigm shift in attitude coincided with a change in career and from being an engineering graduate to a nursing student.

Despite being a competent and qualified engineer, proven by the certifications I acquired from the engineering university, I chose not to concentrate in the engineering field. Instead, I shifted my focus to the new dream. My journey to quench my newly developed desire for health sciences began in 1989 when I enrolled in a degree program at Yunnan Provincial Zaotong Nursing School, where I majored in Nursing. Despite the hard and prolonged difficulties that I encountered in the new academic field, I attained an average grade of 3.914 points. I was awarded an associate degree in Nursing. The nursing projects I carried out as part of the course created a special joy to me that systematically grew with time. This unstopped fascination for nursing pushed me to come back to Webster University to seek admission to a nursing anesthesia program. This will not just be an academic achievement but also a notable mark to my profession and academic journey. A journey that I have offered myself to undertake until I achieve my dream of becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. By then, health sciences will have become part of my future. Through them, I could seek permanent opportunities to help me pursue my dreams, which I believe that one day will turn into reality. Since I am aware that this kind of specialization requires exceptional levels of academic potential, I believe that I have the range of academic qualifications and the personal character necessary for excellence in the CRNA program.

Luckily, immediately after attaining my degree in nursing, I got an opportunity to work at the Yunnan Correction Hospital for six years as a nursing supervisor in the hospital’s ICU. By then, the Yunnan Hospital had a capacity of about 227 registered hospital beds and classified as a provincial hospital. I had an opportunity to interact with the huge number of patients who visited the facility for various health reasons. While at the Intensive care Unit in the facility, I could feel like a child in a candy store since I could initiate and coordinate care to patients and their significant others. After being impressed by how I administered my duties as an intensive care unit supervisor, the facility management promoted me to become the nurse in charge of all forms of surgeries and blood draws that took place in the hospital. For the many years, I worked in the facility, I tried to demonstrate all the qualities of a competent nurse. I knew that any quality I acquired would help me when I become a nurse in anesthesia. I liked to undertake the kind of duties I believed nurse anesthesia would pursue in his or her daily routines.

I left the Yunnan Hospital in 1998, and after a long period of personal engagements, I joined the Barnes Jewish Hospital in 2008 as a night shift nurse staff. Since then, I have worked with various health organizations as an ordinary nurse. With time, I have been receiving certifications from various nursing regulatory bodies that feel satisfied with my work. Besides, I have worked with a medical staffing network, which is a humanitarian organization connecting nurses from various parts of the world. They seek to extend their nursing services to vulnerable communities across the world. At some point, I could find myself working for more than one health organization simultaneously. I remained enthusiastic and followed my dream to become a future nurse in anesthesia. I took the opportunity to portray my nursing skills, not only to my colleagues but also to my employer in the hospital. I enjoy performing any nursing-related tasks since they are critical in my career projections. Such responsibilities help me to promote my growth as a professional and achieve the goals of the department I am working under in the organization. Currently, I am working with the SSM Health DePaul Hospital as a critical care nurse, and as a BSN to the facility’s telemetry ICU. Partially, I work as a nursing supervisor to a rehabilitation center established under the same hospital.

Besides the long working history, I have been undertaking several nursing assignments that incorporate traveling from one health facility to another. These duties give me opportunities to improve my communication, which is necessary for a nurse to be successful. Severally, I have performed numerous assignments with the University of Southern California hospital. I have also worked in other institutions, such as the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, to care for patients in deteriorating health conditions. These experiences have enhanced my skills that will spur my excellence in the calling in the future. The many years I have spent at various health facilities have cultivated my deep-seated passion for becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I am also honored to have been serving with both male and female nurses who, like me, are fighting to change the world. During my travel assignments, I have witnessed several patients suffering due to the lack of proper medical care and attention. Consequently, I have decided to go back to school and study nursing anesthesia since I am driven by a passion and commitment to understanding the foundations of inadequate nursing services provided to my fellow society members. I undertook biochemistry, physics, and calculus courses from the St. Louis community college. These subjects are the foundational courses for nursing anesthesia. I attained considerably higher grades from each of them. I am a certified and registered nurse, and in the records of the registrar of nurses based in Missouri, my registration number is 12345.

I traveled to the Kunming Medical University Hospital in China to meet individuals who I believed they possess a good glimpse of knowledge about what the program entails. I was triggered by the strong desire to enroll in the nursing anesthesia program. Amazingly, I met Dr. Shao, the then chairman of the Anesthesia department for heart and lung transplant surgeries in the hospital. He shared with me all the information he had as far as nursing anesthesia is concerned. After the long and informative conversation I had with Dr. Shao, I confirmed that the career path I was about to take was correct and fit for me.

I have been considering the next step of my career, and serving as nursing anesthesia would enable me to improve my contribution to critically ill patients and the nursing profession at large. I have also worked in the field for several years and in various health institutions. Hence, I am certain that I possess the prerequisite characteristics required to become an excellent nursing anesthesia practitioner. I am conscious that academic specialization requires clear determination. I am convinced that I have the determination to pursue a career in this area of specialization. My achievements in nursing would be far much behind what I have currently achieved. However, I possess the provocative abilities to perform, solve, and challenge some complex clinical situations that I have been coming across. I request the university management to consider my application to enable me to achieve my dreams in life. I have proven my expertise in managing the treatment processes for many ill patients in intensive care units in the past. I also believe that Webster Nursing School is one of the best medical schools in the country, and it will play a crucial role in releasing my potential for the benefit of the community.