Sample Contemporary Nursing Ethical Issues: The concepts of genetics and genomics

Question 1

The concepts of genetics and genomics are essential in the promotion of quality healthcare as they are used in the practice of gene therapy. Gene therapy involves the altering of individuals’ genome to fix genetic mistakes and cure genetic diseases (Wirth et al. 163). However, the practice of genetics and genomics is accompanied by several ethical issues that were first raised in the tragic case of Jesse Gelsinger. Jesse died during an experimental study for the advancement of gene therapy. Gelsinger’s death raised three ethical issues concerning the practice of gene therapy: the selection of study subjects, proper informed consent of all participants, and conflict of interest by the researchers (“The Case of Jesse Gelsinger”). The Jesse Gelsinger experimental study was done in the 1990s when gene therapy was a novel concept and therefore lacked strict ethical regulations. This impacted the care of Jesse during the study as the research did not have to conform to high ethical standards. The main takeaway from Jesse Gelsinger’s case study is that new inventions in nursing practice need to be ethically regulated before being implemented on humans.

Question 2

Telehealth is a major policy issue in contemporary America due to its numerous healthcare benefits. The state of Pennsylvania has a restrictive telehealth policy that limits both reimbursement and licensure requirements for healthcare professionals. Under Pennsylvania telehealth legislation, the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Program only provides reimbursement for live-video services and specifically for specialty consultations (“Pennsylvania Telemedicine”). The Pennsylvania Medicaid does not provide reimbursements for store-and-forward services or remote patient monitoring. The State of Pennsylvania has restrictive licensure requirements for its telehealth programs. Only licensed physicians, registered nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and psychologists are eligible to provide telehealth services in Pennsylvania (“Pennsylvania Telemedicine” n.d). The implementation of telehealth programs will be viewed as a means of promoting quality healthcare dissemination and an effective alternative for managing long term illnesses.

Question 3

Contemporary advancement in nursing technology has resulted in the development of a crowdsourcing application. The crowdsourcing application tracks flu activities, analyzes them, and maps the data to show where influenza-like illness is located (Keenan). The application is advantageous as it engages the public directly and therefore incorporates individuals in matters of public health. However, the crowdsourcing application requires intensive data of individuals to operate and this may result in potential breach of individuals’ private information.



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