Sample Composition Paper on Best Teacher

Sample Composition Paper on Best Teacher

In life, there are lessons to be learned. Lots of it you learn by yourself and through experience, and some you learn in school via the teacher. A teacher is considered to be one of the most important character in a child’s life. Most of us, if not all had at least one teacher who contributed immensely to our mental development by imparting knowledge and wisdom through education. My absolute best teacher was Sir Peter. He had the ability to make a subject that many people found incredibly boring come into life through his passion and enthusiasm.

Sir Peter was way above his colleagues in the way he taught his lessons. His lessons were always packed. Rarely would you find an empty seat in his class. He had a way with the students. His broad smile and understanding nature made him easy to approach. He knew everyone by name. What made me like him was the ease with which he taught his lessons. His authoritative voice, calmness and charisma ensured that everyone lent an ear to the topic of discussion. He had the ability to draw out attention to the subject and also sustain it. He did various experiments to demonstrate what he was teaching and was therefore able to make students understand even that subject that was commonly considered difficult. He was concise and knew how to capture the imagination of his students.

My high school time was marred with disobedience and naughtiness. My grades were average and my school life shrouded with mischief and disciplinary issues. I was promoted to Sir Peter’s class in sixth grade. Little did I know this man would have great influence in my life. I vividly recall once we were chosen to represent the school in the regional English contest. True to my nature, I decided not to attend the contest. Sir Peter got wind of this, came up to me and made me take the test. He sat me down, and managed what no other teacher had ever done. He made me see why it was imperative that I take the test. His deep affection and sincerity put a deep dent on my young and impressionable mind. This was the start of my inevitable turn around. Gradually, I began taking active participation in and outside class. The hunger to know more was suddenly insatiable. Since then, I have appreciated the value of education as I continue to gain new knowledge everyday.

The verve and contagious energy with which Sir Peter taught captured everyone’s attention. The voices during set plays, dramatization and actions made learning even more fun and enjoyable. This made me grow fond of his teaching thus improving my grades significantly. He inspired me to be better, to do better. With every passing assignment, I improved considerably. He emphasized on being the best at everything and those simple words transformed my thinking. He made me realize hard work is the key to success and that ultimately transformed me into one of the best students in his class.

With nostalgia, I remember how Sir Peter’s teachings shaped up my student life. His pupil management system, motivation and desire to see each one of his students reach greater heights greatly improved my education process. There has never been a teacher who has quite brought a subject into life as Sir Peter. He nurtured and cultivated the recipe for success in my mind. I thank this teacher for my love of Science.