Sample Composition Essays on Communicating to Employees

As the operations officer of Concom International, the managing director has approached and requested me to make communications to all employees reminding them of the annual general meeting scheduled for the first Monday of February 2018. The message is urgent and, therefore, has to be communicated as soon as possible to allow employees plenty of time to ready themselves for the meeting. I am the source of the message since I am the one obliged to draft and send the message (“Understanding Communication Skills,” n.p.). The Managing Director only told me his expectations of the message; however, it’s incumbent upon me to put his ideas into a message format that can be transmitted to the other employees. I engage in encoding as I do this. The channel I will be using is webmail which is synchronised and contains feasible lasting connections.  The message includes the date and the requirements of the meeting.

The receivers of the message are my fellow colleagues. These are supposed to read and make sense of the message in a process called decoding. Potential contributors of noise include poor internet connection and power outages which will prevent the message from reaching the receivers. This is physical noise; however, psychological noise is prevalent in the form of bugging thoughts lingering in the receivers’ minds preventing them from comprehending the details of the message. The feedback that am expecting from the receivers after receiving and reading the message, is their immediate response of having the message and confirming their presence on that day. Moreover, my second expectation is for the receivers to attend the meeting in good time and come prepared with their employee assessment forms duly filled. They are also supposed to carry the necessary stationery; notebooks and pens.



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