Sample Company Memo on Organization’s Campaign Advert

To: All Staffs and Interns

From: The Manager

Date: August 6, 2018

Subject: Organization’s Campaign Advert

Based on the extensive questions from the current and potential consumers, we as the members of the organization would like to demonstrate our substantial understanding of the usefulness of the advert. This is in line with the business strategic objectives of attaining a competitive edge through the integration of the advertisement in our business plan. Furthermore, this memo will enable all the staffs and interns to understand their part in enhancing the success of the campaign and the enterprise brand. Therefore, it is mandatory for the employees to adhere to the information in this memo as it helps in providing a substantive knowledge of the company’s marketing technique.

The most substantial effect of globalization in the business world is the significant empowering of the clients as a global citizen. Customers have developed to a more powerful and essential aspect to the industry in the modern world compared to the previous decades. Due to the increased media outlets and numerous commodities available in the market, consumers’ loyalty no longer exists (Terkan, 2014). This prompts organizations to create various marketing strategies to entice consumers to their products and have a competitive advantage that stimulates the business success. Therefore, the task of acquiring and maintaining consumers informs the desire for the comprehensive management of adverts to sustain the globalizing world. As such, it is critical for the syndicate staffs to understand the value of the campaign and importance of the advert to the firm.

Advertisement plays an important role in the organization as it aids in publicizing and promoting the company’s commodities to a different population, hence, improving the number of sales. The technique also lowers the costs of distribution since it targets a wide audience thereby, minimizing the costs and time of individual selling (Frolova, 2014). Notably, it acts as an instrument of competition through the development of creative and catchy adverts that easily entice customers to buy the firm’s products. Furthermore, the strategy is exposed to the international market based on the use of internet and social network platforms, thus, reaching numerous individuals. Therefore, it is crucially important for the employees to understand the role of the campaign as it assists in being brand ambassadors.

Organizational staffs are an important component in the development of a business brand as they are the link between the brand’s internal and external settings which can affect the consumers’ perception of the firm.  One of the ways in which the workers can help promote the company’s brand is ensuring that their behaviors reinforce the brand’s advert. The staffs integrated into the product distribution channel should understand their marketing roles to prevent possible conflicts of interest that might negatively impact the syndicate’s reputation. Similarly, developing a comprehensive relationship with the consumers certainly assists in promoting the industry’s brand since the model builds customer loyalty (Al-Shuaibi, Shamsudin & Aziz, 2016). Constant communication of the business values, culture, and commitments by the enterprise personnel make the consumers feel connected with the organization thereby, enhancing the company’s brand.

Building the company’s brand constitutes all the employees and interns as the process helps to market the business entities and provides an effective competitive advantage for the company. Enhanced customer relationship is one of the ways that the employees can use to become brand ambassadors to the organization. Advertisement helps to reduce the distribution costs since the technique targets a wide audience thereby, minimizing the costs of individual selling.




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