Sample Communications Paper on the author’s scholarly specialization & qualifications

Reading Work Sheet


Background Context


  • Title of Text:


  • Date of Publication:


  • Author’s Name:


  • Disciplinary Background of Author (Google the author. Explain the author’s scholarly specialization & qualifications to be considered an expert on this topic.):



Content Questions


  • Quote the main thesis of the text (The main argument will be a one or two sentence passage stating the main argument of the reading):





  • Explain the main thesis in your own words (be comprehensive, but brief):





  • Briefly explain 3 major arguments, ideas, concepts, or theories that are used to build up to the main thesis:





  • Briefly explain 2 of the most significant areas of study, scholars, authors, intellectuals, contemporary or historical events, etc, that the author relies on to build the thesis:





  • Define the 3 most important KEY TERMS and explain what the author means by them:





  • Quote a passage from the text that is significant to you – explain how it connects to the thesis and why it stands out to you:





Discussion – For this section, choose from just ONE of the authors from the readings.

  1. Briefly explain something you discovered about one of the author’s background, especially what qualifies that person to be a credible source on the topic.

2. Regarding the same author, quote what you think might be the main argument of their article and explain what in the reading indicates it is the main argument.