Sample Communications Paper on Stress and anger

Stress and anger

Stress is a scenario where an individual fears that they may not accomplish something that they have been tasked with; they think they are incapable of completing the task. Whereas anger is a strong feeling of intolerance towards someone or something due to unattained desires and results mainly where conflict arises.

Where stress and anger are wholly incorporated, conflict resolution becomes impossible as they both create a mental block and the individual is not ready to listen to or incorporate the ideas of other. In both cases, good communication skills cannot be put to use effectively.

Therefore, before thinking of conflict resolution, one should deal with their stresses and anger in ways as it so suits them. They can manage these by taking walks; they can run, take a cold shower as long as it suits them.

In conflict resolution, anger and stress mostly partake as impediments, and that is why it’s high advocated that they are managed accordingly. When we are angry or stressed the person, we are having conflicts with will always be an antagonist and it’s hard to find a common ground with an enemy. However, it may not necessarily act as impediments where an individual knows how to manage them appropriately.

In my professional conflict resolution anger has been both negative and positive. In my situation, I was being piled up with too much work due to understaffing, an issue that had been going on for a while. I would stay at work until very late hours of the night and report earlier than all others and even chip in a few hours of my weekends to be able to finish jobs I was tasked with no extra pay.

This made me inefficient in my work and at some point I gave up as I was seriously worn out. I approached my departmental manager who agreed with me. The next day interviews were conducted and finally I was given two people to assist me in those jobs.



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