Sample Communications Paper on Social Media Profile

I can describe myself as an ambitious and hardworking person who is relentlessly working to make something meaningful of myself. I am currently at in university and look forward to continuing my education to achieve my goals and objectives. Indeed, I am persistent in achieving my educational and career goals.

During my time at university, I have managed to score good grades and I plan to continue with this trend in every aspect of my life. To that extent, I am confident that my dedication and past experience will be valuable in my life endeavors. I have gone through summer internships at different companies and institutions whereby I have got key field experience and gained important insight from seasoned professionals. Additionally, I have assisted in my parent’s business during the summer thus gaining entrepreneurial skills. I believe that this knowledge and experience will help me adjust well to life on the outside whilst still enabling me to make meaningful contributions to my community and society in general.

As an ambitious person, I have three main goals spread over different time periods. In the short term, I want to graduate with a good GPA and learn useful knowledge that will help me in my career. After graduating, I desire to work for a top 500 company for five to ten years to enable me to achieve my mid-term goal. Finally, I plan to start my own business in the long run so that I can purse my passion and contribute to sustainable economic growth. I appreciate  everybody who has enabled me to reach where I am today and I have learnt key lessons through the struggles and failures I have experienced; this will power me to become a great person.