Sample Communications Paper on Home Based Care Program


It is without any doubt that health care is among the most vital necessity for any living human being. A person is considered to be healthy when all his or her body organs function properly and when he/she is mentally fit. Amid a wide array of illnesses and diseases, the government has been forced to spend more with the intent of restoring good health to its citizens. Thus, a person who is deemed to be unhealthy is likely to experience some form of excruciating pain, unhappiness, mental disturbance.  It is with this profound reason that Home Base program was created with its main intent being to cater for those who are of unsound health. Founded in the year 2009, Home Base program in partnership with Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital have put their main focus on meeting the health needs of the at-risk veterans and military families. Home Base primarily function by caring for the veterans in a family-based Clinic. In addition, Home Base Program is known to work in conjunction with the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense with the sole purpose of promoting the health and well-being of veterans within the United States.



The current objectives of Home Base program is to;

  • Successfully plan and hold a third signature fundraising event at All–Star Movie Night at Fenway Park
  • Raise awareness of the needs of veterans, service members and their families
  • Support Home Base’s $50M Capital Campaign: The 21st Century Veteran and Family



The program mainly targets the ex-military members and their families inclusive of children who are between the ages of 8 and above. The program also wishes to reach large corporations, large donors, Boston influencers and a selected group of bloggers and social media administrators. In addition to this, Home Base is in close partnership with Red Sox and Mass General. In recognition the current


Home Base usually depends on donors and well-wishers for its annual capital. Thus, Home Base is able to fully operate and achieve its mission by using the funds garnered from different corporations, stakeholders and donors. This year, Home Base seeks to hold a mega fundraising function where each and every person may participate. This event will be held at All-star Movie Night at Fenway Park on 22nd, October, 2017. Home Base seeks to attract and captivate each and every individual to attend the event as different celebrities, baseball players and other sportsmen will be invited to the event. The event is scheduled to start at 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.


In order to attract a large mass of people from all walks of life, Home Base seeks to invite professional and famous sports players and musicians. The children will also be fascinated from viewing interesting movies. There would be plenty of food and drinks that would be enough for each and every person. To reach the target audience, the organization has distributed its tickets for sale in different geographical locations inclusive of box or clubhouse w/dinner, picnic-style on field, or in the stands. The organization will also advertise through different social media cites and media companies such as a. Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Metro, Boston Magazine, WCVB Channel 5, Chronicle, FOX News and Chambers of Commerce. In addition, the organization plans to advertise on the event through LinkedIn with the primary intent being to capture the attention of different companies and corporation that would wish to support the program.


February Plan on announcing the event (ideally 6 months prior to announcement)

Creating of event logo, event details, message points, celebrity/spokesperson endorsements, pitch letters, PSA announcements, and copy for the website

April Upload the event’s information on Home Base website
  Continue to send Pitch letters with story ideas around veterans’ success, health needs, advancements in PTSD/TBI /research/treatment in the weeks leading up to Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, and July 4th or at any point that veterans’ issues become a news item
July Save-the-date announcements

Board members, donors, prior event attendees, friends and family list

Boston event sites/calendars


Mid-September Advertise the event’s information on Billboards, Jumbotron at Fenway, different radio stations, social media sites, posters, invitations and on Red Sox broadcasts. In addition, we plan to place PSA announcements to newspapers, magazines, local stations (possibly utilizing Dustin Pedroia) whilst also using short hashtags for the event.
End of September Invite media to attend/press passes




The expected budget cost will be approximately $1000.


After the event, Home Base organization will analyze the results of the events. In essence, the organization will measure its success by calculating on the total amount donated, the number of tickets purchased. The organization will also check on the website traffic to the event whilst also performing a comparison on the cost analysis of event and the generated net revenue.




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