Sample Communications Essays on Training Plan

The objective of the training plan is to teach the trainers how to organize training content. This will allow the trainees to learn how to achieve the goals of a lesson (Beebe, Mottet, and Roach 118) The other objective is to teach the trainees how to plan presentation techniques. The efficiency of the content being delivered mostly depends on the technique used. Discussions and demonstration tend to be effective than lectures as they are interactive.

The three major points to be covered include developing training objectives, developing training content, and assessing training. A training objective should be observable, measurable, and attainable. An observable objective specifies behavior that can be observed while a measurable objective is one that can be assessed over time (Beebe, Mottet, and Roach137). To develop training content, one can gather information from websites, experiential sources which are the information one has learnt through experienceor from books, journals, and periodicals in the library (Beebe, Mottet, and Roach 125). Training content is important as it forms the core of each lesson. Assessing training is the only way through which one can see if the work they are doing is creating an impact on the trainees. It is the process of evaluating training programs to ensure that they meet the needs of the trainees. Assessment ensures that trainees receive quality training. The assessment method used depends on the training content being assessed whether cognitive or language mastery of math.

The training objectives can take about three years of college education to be achieved. First, to become a trainer, one has to enrol for a training course where they will take training courses (Beebe, Mottet, and Roach 235). The training courses can be taken alongside any other course such as business or statistics. The trainees will then attend an internship in a training department so that they learn the necessary skills. They will then join a professional training organization where they may get mentors or even a job opportunity (Belzer 65); all these may take three years. Lecturing involves the use of pre-made materials like lecture notes that are then delivered to students. In demonstrating, the trainees can show the others how to undertake a training session. For volunteering, trainees can act as a guide to others by showing them how to complete a task. Materials needed to present the lesson include PowerPoint slide and volunteers. PowerPoint slide is the engagement of materials that can be used when actively engaging the trainees (Belzer 132). A volunteer is where the trainees can take turns engaging each other during the discussion.



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