Sample Case Study on Windows Server 2016

Question 1-1

Part A

The Windows Server 2016 edition that I would recommend for the marketing department is the Datacenter Edition. The version facilitates features of the Standard Version with extra virtualization options, storage and software-based networking, and Shielded Virtual Machines. The Datacenter Edition will also facilitate the department with an unlimited number of virtual machines and all licenses come with a Hyper-V host. Further, it can also serve the role of a network controller, which enables the network controller to 9interact with services, devices, as well as other components on the network. The department is then facilitated by an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables management of the network controller for analysis and configuration.

Part B

For the internet portion of the business, I would recommend Windows Server 2016 Data center edition. A discrete feature that is not available in the standard edition is the application of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), which enables the creation and management of policy-enabled automation, typically via the use of workflows.



Part C

Since the department is concerned about safety, I would recommend Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition. The version provides reinforcement for Shielded Virtual Machines, which facilitates extra encryption and protection options for the department.

Question 1-2

In Windows Server 2016, containers can be utilized; however, the restriction do not exist in the Datacenter version, enabling the department to develop an unlimited amount of Hyper-V containers and Windows containers. Further, the version has the storage replica function, which develops backups of the data in blocks rather than by file, thus enabling the use of file whilst backup is ongoing.

Question 1-3

Windows Server 2016 is a robust system that has extra dimensions that make it more effective and reliable than previous editions. The edition provides extra encryption to enhance security of the user. In regards to reliability, Windows Server 2016 is a robust system with dimensions like storage replica function that enable the user to use files whilst backup is being performed. Another useful function is Software Defined Networking that enables the user to utilize resources better.

Question 1-4

The company should shift from static addressing to Dynamic DNS (DDS). The method enables an IP address to be translated to an easy to recall hostname or domain each time it changes.  The DDNS knows that the novel IP address needs to be assigned to the hostname.



Question 2-1

To start the installation procedure, one should boot for the desire medium. When performing the installation, one should select the custom method to enable him/her to configure the desired settings. The last process copies the files to the server and makes a local installation of hypervisor. Once completed, the server will self-reboot and load the hypervisor.

Question 2-2

The Windows Server 2016 facilitates a lot of new features that provides numerous benefits. The most significant benefit is that it enables one to do more with less. The program enables a company to become more efficient as it can manage its IT operations much more easily. For instance, the installation of new servers can occur in a few minutes and cluster maintenance can be done during the daytime with no downtime to the users.

Question 2-3

The most suitable tool is account management. Account management is a constituent of the network or server management and monitoring processes; the processes ensure that the Active directory is working and behaving correctly.

Question 2-4

The IT Manager should use the Active Directory. Active Directory is usually done manually by the network or server administrator utilizing the Windows Server and Active Directory native management and administration components and features. The main objective of account management is to automate Active Directory user provisioning procedures, security, compliance with audits and regulations, along with allowing access to each user’s account and preferences from a single location.