Sample Case Study on Coach X: Effective Hospital Administrator?

Question 1

I would not consider X as a viable potential candidate for the hospital administrator position since he does not possess all essential skills required for this job. Despite his outstanding achievements as a college football coach in the country, X acknowledges that he lacks the healthcare experience, which according to Maryville University (2020), is key in the efficient management of the hospital.

Question 2

I would not consider X as a viable potential candidate for the hospital computer technology supervisor position since he lacks proficiency in the field of information technology. Thus, he is incapable of executing some of the computer technology supervisor’s roles such as the ability to identify and resolve issues related with the computer system malfunctions.

Question 3

Candidate X possess several skills that would aid the organization in both positions as a hospital administrator and the supervisor of the hospital computer technology department. Firstly, he is a strong leader. Candidate X achievements such as the consistent placement of his team in the top ten NCAA ratings, mentoring many assistant coaches who are equally successful, no charges of NCAA violation in his programs in the entire coaching career, and the winning of 5 national championship in the past 15 years reflect him as a good leader. Good leaders have the capacity of fostering good environment for successful operations in the organization. They ensure smooth operations and comfortable working environments for every staff member for outstanding performance.  Maryville University (2020) indicates that a hospital administrator should have leadership skills to efficiently manage the staff, as well as motivate them to execute tasks accordingly. Similarly, the computer technology department supervisor must possess leadership skills to be able to coordinate subordinate workers proficiently for smooth operations. Moreover, candidate X has good communication and interpersonal skills. For him to achieve outstanding performance in his coaching endeavors, X must have good relationship with his team members, which is bred by good communication and social skills. These skills are vital for the efficient hospital operations in addition to fostering cohesion among physicians and nurses, for the delivery of high quality care and better patient outcomes.

Question 4

Candidate X had genuine relationships with his team members that enabled him to have open communication, understand each individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, build trust, and induce a winning attitude in all members. Good relationships enabled the team members to open up to X and view him as a role model, which in turn placed the team in the top 10 NCAA ratings consistently. Relationship building is equally fundamental in the hospital environment. The healthcare processes within the hospital are conducted successfully through positive interactions among all healthcare participants including doctors, nurses, finance team, as well as administrators. The University of Scranton (2020) argue that building strong relationships as well as effective communication with hospital workers nurtures a common goal that must be met by each individual, builds trust, and helps the hospital perform smoothly. Therefore, candidate X’ positive relationships can guarantee effective performances in the hospital and delivery of quality care to all patients.

Question 5

Candidate X has the capability of managing any crisis that may arise, based on his strong leadership qualities. As discussed above, X has good communication skills as well as positive relationships with team members. These skills, in addition to self-control are fundamental amid a crisis. Crises are bound to occur unexpectedly in any organization setup, the college football team is not an exceptional. The X’ team must have encountered several crises that were resolved effectively by X through fostering teamwork and coming up with creative workable solutions to the arising issues, for them to continually register success despite the challenges.



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