Sample Case Scenario Response on Divorce

Jeannie is in a tricky situation similar to that faced by several people in contemporary society. Probably, she is going through one of the toughest moments in her life: having to divorce her husband and later living in fear because of the decision. Of course, an integrative approach to psychotherapy would help analyze the current situation. Integrative Psychotherapy (IP) is a renowned model that draws on psychology and theology to achieve as successful counseling process with the point of focus being that humans are created in the image of God. Using IP to analyze Jeannie’s situation would shift the focus on three domains of intervention including the functional, structural, and relational domains. The functional domain stresses that humans were purposefully created to serve as stewards of creation. This brings into mind the argument in the Bible that God created humans to take charge and manage the earth. In essence, humans functioning in the world takes many forms including procreating, filling the earth, and subduing it. This, therefore, calls for a degree of personal functioning allowing one to be healthy, responsible, and in love with those around him or her to contribute to the community. In the scenario, Jeannie’s husband has neglected his functions of taking care of his family, and despite ten years of marriage, he has only had sex four times with the wife. From a counselor’s position, it can be seen that the levels of functioning are among the causes of the problems the family faces, and they ought to be addressed.

The structural domain stresses that humans’ ability to function as managers of themselves and other creatures is supported by the fact that they have certain structural capacities exceeding the rest of the creatures. In life, humans have structures that put them in charge of the pet dog whereas the pet dog cannot be in charge of humans. Humans tend to be more rational, volitional, and moral than other earthly creatures. Thus, when it comes to counseling, the structural domain’s focus is on human cognition, and it helps probe into how people’s troubles or challenges in life are attributed to their thoughts, values, beliefs, and assumptions. In the scenario, both Jeannine and the husband tend to have thoughts of divorce. She must have been saying to herself that she was facing a different man from who she married ten years ago. She must have had the thoughts that her husband would not change and hence her thought or consideration for divorce. These thoughts lead Jeannie to finally settle on divorce as a solution to her marriage troubles. However, being a biological being with structural capacities exceeding those of other creatures, Jeannie could have thought more calmly about her marriage challenges and come up with a better solution than the one she chose.

The role of the relational domain appears to be dominant in the scenario at hand. Before assigning any functions or structural capacities to humans, God focused on the relational nature when he created both man and female to interact and relate with one another. In the Bible, there are several stories that stress the need for people to relate well with one another. The focus of the relational domain is on how important relationships can help people to change and overcome problems. It is evident that although there are other dimensions playing a part in Jeannie’s marriage troubles, the weak relationship between them is also a cause for the problems they are facing. A key step towards addressing the problems they face is pointing out and addressing their relational concerns. It is imperative to note that like other human beings, both Jeannie and the husband are sinners, and this could also be a reason why they wound each other. Sin is truly terrible as it not only keeps people far from God but also far from one another. However, the concept of grace, which implies that humans have been accepted by God, could be extended in this situation to have Jeannie and the husband accept themselves and thereby address their marriage problems.