Sample Business SWOT Analysis Paper on Multi-Choice Kenya


Multi-choice Kenya Limited, is a direct broadcast satellite service that operates in Kenya, and has its head office in South Africa (Thompson, 2018). The company has entered the media industry of Kenya, finding it hard to displace the seemingly deep-rooted broadcast service providers like ADN Limited. This essay will discuss the SWOT analysis of Multi-choice Kenya Limited, and how it can penetrate the seemingly “full” Kenyan broadcast industry. In its approach, the essay will highlight some weakness of ADN Limited, the direct competitor of Multi-choice Kenya.


Strengths for Multi-choice Kenya Limited

The first strength for Multi-choice Kenya is its brand name. It is a well-known company across Africa, especially on matters sports (Meredith, & Mantel, 2012). Therefore, it will not need to re-introduce its brand name to its new market. Also, Multi-choice Kenya finds strength in its excellent customer service. It is a company where they follow up to establish whether its customers are satisfied, and to seek opinion from customers on possible areas that need improvement. This is unfashionable with ADN Limited, who rarely seek the opinion of customers on possible areas of improvement. Therefore, with the excellent customer care services, Multi-choice should find it smooth to penetrate the Kenyan media industry.


Opportunities for Multi-choice Kenya Limited

With rural electrification being at its top, it means that most homes will be connected to power in rural Kenya, and the demand for broadcast services will rise. This an opportunity that Multi-choice must grab, to reach to new customers and earn their loyalty before the competitor. Further, the wide demand for new services like hip-hop music, reality shows, etc. especially from the youth, presents an opportunity for Multi-choice Kenya Limited to incorporate channels that have such shows. This way, Multi-choice will be miles ahead of its competitor.


Weakness to Multi-choice Kenya

The notable weakness for Multi-choice Kenya is its poor signal whenever there is a harsh weather conditions. Most customers complain of total loss of signal when it is raining. It is an area that Multi-choice Kenya Limited must move with speed to address.


Threat to Multi-choice Kenya

The threat to Multi-choice Kenya is the harsh economic conditions that most Kenyans are facing. It could be costly for Kenyans to embrace this new broadcaster, since their pockets are already stretched. Nonetheless, Multi-choice Kenya Limited should retail at a price that is both economic friendly and one that allows the company to break-even. Once they get customers, they can review their prices and the customer loyalty will make customers stick by them.



It is important that any firm concerned with its success carry out a SWOT analysis. The above SWOT analysis is beneficial to Multi-choice Kenya, for the success of the firm in the Kenyan media industry.


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