Sample Business Studies Reflection Paper on Culture

Yo Yo Ma’s essay on the effect that three different cultures have had on him is very revealing and insightful of his exploits in terms finding the best in each culture and using them to refine his taste for music. Instead of choosing one of the cultures that he had experienced, he chose to explore more and, in the process, has become a global citizen capable of existing in every culture comfortably. This, I suppose, has made his music acceptable to a variety of cultures and made him become a big success in the music industry. Each of the three cultures that he grew up in had the underlying assertion that they are superior to others. But having experienced all of them, YoYo Ma has come to the conclusion that each of them had their positives which could be harnessed and used to improve one’s life and profession.

The experience of this musician is unlike that of most people who are aware of one culture. The exposure to more than one culture must have made him more accommodative of others and can be considered to be one of the reasons for his success. Personally, I am only conversant with one culture, and I am a bit ashamed to admit that I suppose it is the best. The exposure I have had to other cultures mostly has been through the media. But then again, I do understand that the media is often biased in representing of cultures that are different from the dominant one. This makes me doubt my culture competence and raises my respect for YoYo Ma. The main take home from this podcast is that no culture is better than another and that it can be a very enriching experience to gain knowledge of various cultures in the world.