Sample Business Studies Paper on time pressure, prosocial motivation, and knowledge hiding

Please follow the below structure to write the assignment


  1. Selected paper to analyze and write the assignment, the title of the article is:  (Tell me if you can: time pressure, prosocial motivation, perspective taking, and knowledge hiding; by Miha Škerlavaj, Catherine E. Connelly, Matej Cerne, and Anders Dysvik) – which is considered to be one of the 15 articles


  1. The research proposal must be done based on many selected articles, We have already selected 14 articles attached in a folder named (SELECTED_ARTICLES) to be referred to and analyzed – no need to refer to any other external article from your side please.


  1. Structure of the paper:
  • Section 1 – Introduction: A brief discussion of the selected research paper’s topic – (suggested length: max. two paragraphs).

–       Section 2 – Presentation of the variables, sources, and time frame used in the selected paper. The same section should also discuss (alternative) variables used in other papers dealing with similar topics to your selected paper. (Note: papers in the same research area are available in the selected paper’s literature review section. Also, relevant papers published after the selected paper can be found by clicking “Cited by” under the selected paper’s research result on

  • Section 3 – Presentation of the (quantitative) methodology used in the selected paper. Kindly discuss the main points of this approach. Practically, this discussion is a methodology-oriented literature review, which should be supported by references to related studies.
  • Section 4 – Presentation of alternative (quantitative) approaches used in the literature for dealing with the same or similar topics.
  • Section 5 – Presentation of the novelty of the selected study (Note: the novelty of a study is commonly highlighted in the last paragraphs of the introduction; also, novel points are outlined in the study’s conclusions). In addition, present areas for further research (Note: those areas are available in the study’s conclusions). Details about novelty and future research identification are highlighted in the attached paper: “Sample Paper.”
  • Finally references APA style


General instructions

  • ▪ Length: between 1,500 and 2,000
  • ▪ Please follow the suggested structure above. Please do not write a conclusion. [The two sample research proposals attached could help writing the paper]
  • ▪ Please select a paper published in a highly ranked journal (Scopus-indexed, SJR: Q1 and
    ABDC: A* or A – link: Preferably, select a paper recently published (after 2017). (Note: recently published papers in highly ranked journals include thorough general literature reviews and methodology-oriented literature reviews, and topics that are worth doing research as their extensions can be published in decent journals).
  • ▪ Please include all (1 Chosen article + 14 Selected papers) 15 references. All suggested sections above (see the assignment’s suggested structure) should include citations to published research papers. (already selected under the folder mentioned above (SELECTED_ARTICLES))



Important Notes:


  • Please note that we have tried searching by using ChatGPT and we noticed that not all supported answers were accurate, therefore; please avoid using it for this assignment.


  • You will find a folder under the name (Research proposal samples) that has different samples to give you an idea of the expected final work.