Sample Business Studies Paper on T-mobil


Each class member is responsible for the specific company chosen. The total number of points possible for this assignment is 100.

All analysis should be your own original work. it will be submitted through Turnitin.

Review your company’s most recent annual report and use the company’s most recent annual report for your analysis. has the most recent 10k reports too.

Deliverable Guidelines:

Put a title on your report. Create a report in Word of about 2,000 words with headings for each section below. Under each heading, provide a thorough response/analysis.

Be prepared to give a short 3-4 minute PPT summary of your findings during the last week of the course.

Value Creation
Provide background information on your company. Create a value proposition for the company. Explain how the company creates value and for whom. Explain the company’s value capture strategy. Discuss Porter’s Five Forces as it relates to your company.

Supply/Demand Analysis
Identify a risk to the success of the company and create a scenario that depicts the risk and its potential impact on the company’s business that would cause a shift in supply and/or demand.
Describe the potential impact of the shift(s) on the business. Create a supply/demand chart that illustrates your scenario.

Ratio Analysis
Perform ratio analysis using the below as a guideline. Summarize the results of your analysis under the headings of profitability, leverage, and efficiency, and note any opportunities for the company to improve results.

Profitability Analysis

Return on Total Equity
Return on Total Assets
Net Profit Margin
Operating Profit Margin
Gross Profit Margin
Leverage Analysis

Debt to assets
Debt to equity

Efficiency Analysis

Total asset turnover
Receivable turnover
Inventory turnover
Fixed Asset turnover
DuPont equation analysis

Environmental, Social, and Governance
Briefly provide an overview of the company’s ESG strategy.

Explain how the ESG framework/strategy reflects the social context of the company’s business.

Explain the impact of the company’s ESG framework/strategy on the financial results of the business.

Briefly compare the company’s ESG framework to one close competitor.