Sample Business Studies Paper on recent trends in exporting and importing by U.S. firms

Visit website of the, and
Use this website to assess recent trends in exporting and importing by U.S. firms. How has the balance of trade changed over the last six (6) months?
Offer possible reasons for this change in the balance of trade.
2. Go to the “” page of the US Census Bureau
Obtain monthly balance-of-trade data for the last 6 months between the United States and the United Kingdom.
-The month of concern is in the first column
-The trade balance is in the second column. (See Appendix C of your textbook for help with conducting analyses with Excel.)
-Calculate the %age change in the trade balance, in the third column.

Then go to

pound (or the local currency of the foreign country you select). Retrieve the direct exchange rate of the currency at the beginning of each month and insert the data in the fourth column.
Calculate the %age change in the currency value from one month to the next in the fifth column.
Now by using Mathematical formulas, apply simple linear regression analysis in which the %age change in the trade balance is the dependent variable and the %age change in the exchange rate is the independent variable.
Is there a significant relationship between the two variables?
Is the direction of the relationship as expected?
If you believe that the exchange rate movements affect the trade balance with a lag (because the transactions of importers and exporters may be booked a few months in advance), you can reconfigure your data to assess that relationship (match each monthly %age change in the balance of trade with the exchange rate movement that occurred a few months earlier).

Please just answer the last 3 questions.