Sample Business Studies Paper on Policy for Internal Recruiting

Internal recruiting is the process of filling vacancies from the existing workforce. According to Myrna, this process encourages loyalty and progress for the employees and saves time and resources (9). For Capratex Company, the policy adopted entailed promotions and transfers. This was attained by first ensuring the internal job board was running. Secondly, the organization management set on adopting a recruiting strategy involving both managers and employees. Therefore, employees should be encouraged to apply internally for jobs and roles as this ensures constant stream of qualified internal employees. Screening ensures people apply for jobs that fit their skills. Other stakeholders should also be involved to allow fairness. Muscalu notes that not everybody who applies for the job will get it, and therefore, recommends that the management give constructive feedback. The team should also offer advice on certifications to pursue to be able to get the jobs and promotions in future. These steps allow for employee participation (Muscalu, 3).

Part 2:

My career development plan focuses on employee growth and development. This plan helps to retain employees, as they feel motivated. As a key employee, this plan would widen my field during interactions in training. I would also feel free to share my ideas with the company management. In the plan, my role and others in the company is steered in a particular direction to develop them personally and professionally, this does not mean doing the work for the employees. Regular meetings allow employees to interact and learn from each other freely. The organization will benefit as it saves time, money, and resources, and this will eventually help the organization attain its goals and encourage teamwork for the whole organization’s success.




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