Sample Business Studies Paper on Packaging


Packaging is an essential part of marketing. However, I concur with the author that packaging is barely in the minds of most consumers when they enter shopping outlets. Packaging in the business world refers to all the activities associated with designing, evaluating, and developing the contents for specific products. Packaging also explains the process of enclosing and protecting commodities that are ready for distribution, sale, storage, and consumption (“What is Packaging? Definition and Meaning – Business Jargons,” 2018). Effective packaging protects products from physical damage. Additionally, packaging is an important tool in marketing to attract new consumers through the appeal on the package.

The process of packaging is complex and requires concentration and consistency for best results. The process of packaging occurs at three levels. For instance, shoe polish is packaged in a metallic can, which is the primary packaging strategy. For secondary packaging, several shoe polish cans are bundled up in a carton. The final process, tertiary packaging, includes piling several cartons of shoe polish in a corrugated box ready for transportation to different centers of distribution. The primary role of packaging is to protect the commodity from damage before and after it reaches consumers.

In the market, packaging is important because it enables consumers to identify commodities easily in supermarkets and retail outlets without requiring assistance from attendants. Therefore, brand packages should be unique and attractive to draw in new consumers. Packaging also increases consumer affluence for appearance, dependability, and convenience of packages (“What is Packaging? Definition and Meaning – Business Jargons,” 2018). Innovative packages help entities to draw huge profit turnovers because of the unique designs on product packages that draw costumers’ attention. Packaging is essential because it enhances brand recognition among consumers. Consequently, they can easily relate a particular item to the company after a quick glance. Packaging remains a useful marketing element because consumers first interact with the package before the commodity.




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