Sample Business Studies Paper on Mercedes Benz

Multi National company (MNC) = Mercedes Benz

Please write a paper conforming to the below grading rubric:

Section Points Description 
Section I 15 Complete an assessment of the governmental trade policies of the MNC’s country of origin. How would you grade these policies on a scale of Mercantilism versus Free Trade? Use research to show how you reached your conclusion
Section II 15 How have the following elements of international trade theory influenced the business model of the MNC under study? Especially be sure to discuss Product Life-Cycle, New Trade Theory, and Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage
Section III 15 Which of the four basic strategies contained in Figure 13.7 Four Basic Strategies (page 393) did this MNC adopt? How has that strategy evolved over time?
Section IV 15 Characterize the Organizational Architecture including the structure, integrating mechanisms, control systems, processes, and resultant culture of the MNC
Section V 15 Examine at least 3 examples of this MNC entering a new national market. Find examples of export, turnkey, licensing, joint venture, and acquisition and/or greenfield strategies. How did these work out? What were the Home Country Costs and Benefits in each case?
Section VI 15 Do an assessment of the production strategy and supply chain of the MNC. Be sure to address outsourcing and Total Quality Management (TQM). Where does this MNC produce its goods and services? Include the country’s technological and production factors involved
Section VII 15 Characterize the inter-organizational relationships of upstream/downstream entities involving vendors, suppliers, partners, buyers, customers, and clients
Use of APA & References 15 APA format: Include a cover page, headers, page numbers, and headings (titles and subtitles). Text is double spaced and used a consistent font.


Using APA format, the paper includes in-text citations and reference entries. All references must be identified in two places—in-text (within the body of the paper) and listed in the Reference page. You must use at least three credible resources (journals and databases) outside of your textbook.

Writing and Style 10 The paper uses proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The student makes limited use of first-person narratives and contractions. Content is free of idioms, colloquialisms, and clichés.
Total 130