Sample Business Studies Paper on Leadership


Syndicates are vibrant and open schemes that are continuously in transaction and communication with their surroundings. As such, it is essential for firms to adapt to the transformations in its course to help sustain their presence. Equally, effective leadership plays a significant role in the continued existence of an organization (Ikinci, 2014). Information management and correct, informative materials are vital to the decision-making process of a manager, thus, contributing to the success of the institution. Mergers and acquisition are also an aspect that can enhance the dominance of a company in a competitive market. The technique aids in increasing the market share and also in retaining skilled employees.

Article 1

Apple Inc. is one of the giant technology companies across the globe with known products such as Apple phones that have revolutionized the mobile phone industry. The article indicates that the firm recently added the head of merger and acquisition Mr. Adrian Perica in its executive leadership a factor that is perceived to signify the firm’s upcoming deals. Mr. Adrian is considered to have played a significant role in the purchase of Beats and the ventures in China such as the ride-hailing services (Gurman, 2019). Furthermore, Adrian supervises the incorporation of syndicates acquired by Apple and their strategic investments. The primary aim of the inclusion of Adrian among the top leaders that report directly to the C.E.O is to promote the organization ability to secure bigger businesses and increase its market dominance.

The appointing of departmental heads into the executive board is one of the practices exhibited in my current workstation. The promotion aims at strengthening the top leadership by bringing new skills, thus, enhancing the success of the organization. Additionally, the inclusion is always beneficial to the person as it increases their morale thereby, improving their work performance. As such, change in the role of employees helps in exchange of ideas and teamwork which is vital for the growth of the firm.

Article 2

The United Kingdom Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May is under pressure from a section of cabinet ministers to reassign from her position following her handling of Brexit. The report states that a total of six ministers have threatened massive resignation in their bid to remove the PM from performing her roles until the occurrence of a formal leadership election. Equally, a high number of anti-Brexit protesters aligned with various leading politicians marched in the streets of central London in pursuit of a second referendum (Goodman, 2019). However, the PM has received significant support from some of the ministers, hence, up-scaling the rift in the House of Commons. Based on the article, the majority of the individuals that back Theresa May claims that ousting the prime minister from power is self-indulgent and is a matter that will not be beneficial to the U.K.

The need to eject a given leader from their position is a daily occurrence in the leading institutions across the globe. For instance, a similar event happened in the organization I worked for in which the manager was linked to unethical behavior of corruption. During the investigation period, some of the employees wanted the executive to resign from his position whereas other colleagues were not of the plan. The leader remained firm on his job despite a constant call by staffs to step-down. However, after the completion of the investigation, it was determined that the director was not involved in any unethical dealings

Article 3

The need to minimize the gender pay gap among firms in the United Kingdom has been a source of contention between the companies and the government. The article indicates that most of the firms are required to release their gender difference report in which some of the syndicates are not making any progress towards the policy. For instance, Facebook Inc. currently pays its female employees less on average but recruits more women in their top positions (Lanxon, 2019). Equally, Inc. hires almost the same proportions of men and women in senior jobs and has made a significant step in reducing the variation in their wages. Discrimination among women in some of the prestigious positions within the technological firms have been a critical issue in the country; hence, the development of the policy.

The issue of reducing gender gap has been a significant contention in my current organization since majority of the women observe the firm’s recruitment process as bias and one that only favor men. However, the company’s management has helped avert the controversial matter by including one of the women in the executive board and increasing the number of female employees in the subordinate roles.


Effective leadership is one of the essential aspects of an organization as it helps in the management and coordination of activities within the institution. Equally, based on the articles, it is evident that the majority of the leaders are involved in various duties such as reducing gender gap to avert cases of conflict among the workforce. The inclusion of other staff into the top position aims at increasing the competitive advantage of the syndicate. However, different leaders have faced false accusation in a bid to make them step-down from their roles, thus, derailing the success of a firm.





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