Sample Business Studies Paper on Issues Management: Alliance Article

Project : Alliance Article

Introduction:  A strategic alliance is an agreement between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed-upon objectives needed to pursue new opportunities while remaining independent organizations. Strategic alliances allow two or more independent organizations to work together toward common objectives.

Research:  Search the web to identify key issues likely to affect a business or industry sector in the next 10 years. Research emerging social, technological, economic, or political changes that will affect the industry sector or sphere of society by 2030 and beyond. Explore how these changes on the horizon are likely to disrupt “business as usual” making the need to participate in a strategic alliance critical to future business sector success. Draw from research on industry examples describing unique and effective alliance approaches.

Directions: Write an article to professionals and thought leaders in a business or industry sector challenging them to upgrade their approach to solving industry problems likely to take place over the next decade by participating in strategic alliances.

  1. Focus your article on emerging social, technological, economic, or political changes that will affect your industry (My Industry is the Cyber career field) or sphere of society by 2030.
  2. Invite your audience to do something proactive and preemptive about the anticipated disruption on the horizon.
  3. This can be a call to form a new strategic alliance or a call to transform and reinvigorate an existing alliance network.
  4. Contextually address the “why” and “how” questions” of industry leadership and environmental change.
  5. Draw upon examples of successful strategic or innovation alliances that have led from the future, not just the past, through some form of road mapping.
  6. Describe the potential consequences of “business as usual” strategies that may not include a strategic alliance.
  7. Show doctoral-level insight of strategic alliance leadership competencies related to organizational change.

Format: This article should be written as a popular press article using APA style in-text citations. The article must follow the APA writing style guidelines regardless of the magazine selected. Be sure to carefully cite all sources and data points. The article’s first page should be a letter of transmittal addressed to an editor explaining how the article’s topic and focus align with the magazine’s purpose.

The magazine is Harvard Business Review, and the editor’s info is located: