Sample Business Studies Paper on implications for Saudi Arabia Viosion 2030

In 2015, the UN approved the Sustainable Development Goals, a set of 17 broad goals to be achieved by 2030 to eradicate poverty, reduce environmental damage to the planet and ensure the prosperity of all nations. Goal number 12 is established as the need to guarantee sustainable consumption and production patterns. It is therefore considered that it is not sufficient just to change the production processes of companies. It is also essential to change consumption patterns (Palacios-González & Chamorro-Mera, 2023). Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN for 2030 implies designing strategies that promote socially responsible consumption. The effectiveness of these strategies will depend on understanding the variables that influence socially responsible behaviour.

  1. The research project should have the following sections:
  • Abstract
  1. Introduction : a brief introduction to the topic
  2. Literature review: latest findings of research in responsible Consumption (Energy consumption briefly then focus on about Food consumption in depth) in the World in general then specifically focus on Saudi Arabia.
  3. Findings: Analyze the attached questions results using SPSS software or Excel (demographic and descriptive analyses should be done)
  4. Discussion: The aim of the research project is to analyze the responsible consumption in Saudi Arabia so discuss the attached results taking into consideration the following questions: What are the different consumer groups; for example, gender, age, …What hinders and what facilitates or encourages more sustainable consumption choices.? How can consumers be encouraged to move towards collaborative consumption (sharing, borrowing, exchanging products), particularly of resource-intensive products such as cars and tools, what can be done to shift perceptions that sharing and renting are overly complicated compared to purchasing goods directly?, When should sustainable consumption policy focus on changing consumer behaviour rather than on making sure more sustainable products are available and mainstreamed?How to increase the role of citizens in measuring and sharing information on their consumption, and how to encourage more innovative ideas on sustainable lifestyles and consumption. Islam plays an important role in almost every aspect of life in the Saudi Arabian society. Consequently, is reasonable to expect the practices and understanding of Islam to have a substantial influence on the current implementation of responsible consumption.
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations.
  • References: Should be from articles by well-known journals and trusted resources (do not use books in references)