Sample Business Studies Paper on how the project team should document proposed new requirements

Module 6 Discussion 3: Response to New Requirements


The purpose of this exercise is to analyze how the project team should document proposed new requirements and add them to the scope depicted in the context diagram. This is a common event for software development projects.  Having an orderly approach to managing the enhancements and managing the new scope will help the project run more smoothly.


Imagine that your Assisted Living Facility business owner just received an unexpected grant from a charitable foundation that is earmarked for adding specific new features to the Scale2 project. These features are intended to improve the safety of the facility by adding the capability for Scale2 to command white strobe lights to flash at floor level of the hallway outside each apartment if the temperature inside the apartment is above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. They are at floor level because the fire fighters must often crawl down a hallway if there is heavy smoke. Similar strobe lights will be installed on the exterior of each apartment so that they are visible from the outside if the temperature inside the apartment is above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Scale2 will cause the strobes to flash more frequently (at a higher rate of speed) for each ten degree increase in temperature above 110 degrees. The flashing strobes will be used by the fire fighters to identify the apartments with the highest heat (thus, the most likely source of the fire).

Develop at least three requirements for integrating the heat readings into Bob the Building Supervisor’s display. Allow alerts to be generated to Bob’s mobile phone whenever any apartment goes above 110 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 2 minutes. This will provide an early warning of fire, even if the fire alarms have yet to be triggered. The strobes will be used by the Fire Department to identify the hottest portions of the facility in case of fire. Be sure to include related requirements to indicate that the strobes should pulse more rapidly as the temperature increases, what form the alerts to Bob should take, and how often the alerts should be repeated if Bob does not respond.

Adjust your original context diagram to encompass the new functionality and include the revised diagram in your answer.  If you and your team have converged on a single version of the context diagram that will be used for your final project, it’s fine for each of you to base your revised context diagram for this exercise on the team’s version.

Note that the alert parameters were set by the actual Fire Battalion Chief.  These are not hypothetical. 


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