Sample Business Studies Paper on Hotel Industry

Running the hotel business entails managing different business activities. Some of the business activities that will be carried out daily will be assessing the attendance of employees at the hotel and documenting absenteeism. The human resource will also be responsible for listening to the grievances made by the employees and offering effective solutions. The human resource will also assess how well employees are conducting their duties. This information will be used to award the best employee at the end of the month. Some of the activities that the human resource personnel will be involved in on a weekly basis will include documenting the performance reports for each employee and consulting with the employees to identify their needs in terms of specialized training to improve their skills. The human resource manager will also plan how best to allocate employees to duties that fit their skill set (Oxford Business Group n.p; Edwards, Scott and Raju 44-45).

Monthly activities that will be conducted by the human resource personnel will include paying employees, provision of employee benefits, and compensation for additional shifts covered. Annually, the human resource personnel will assess the need for additional employees and be involved in the hiring process. The human resource department will also award the best employee of the year  (Edwards, Scott and Raju 44-45; Oxford Business Group n.p).

In the hotel industry, the strengths of the company will include the ease in handling changes as the hotel business is flexible. Weaknesses of the business will include the high dependency on tourism, seasonal dependency, and competition from other startups. The opportunities in the business will include the trend on high demands of quality hotels and increased rates of globalization. The threats in the hotel industry include competition from startups, terror attacks, and lack of sufficient skilled employees in the industry (Walker and Miller 65-66). Some of the activities that will be delegated to other employees will include the preparation of the meals, serving of clients, and cleaning.



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